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7 Fun & Creative Things To Do When You Are Bored At Home

Date Created: 13/04/2020
It’s natural if you or anyone else who’s living inside your house says “I’m bored” during this quarantine situation. These days, there are times when boredom simply cannot be avoided.
What we can do, however, is not take it out on others, but find ways to feel a little bit more excited and a little bit more lively. Ironically, some home activities can put a cap on all negative feelings that come as a result of this repetitive, continuous routine.
Since most people are used to using their house for relaxation as soon as they finish work, they may not believe that creativity and home are two words that can be used positively in the same sentence.
OneTeam’s people took some time to try to make their own time better at home while writing this article, with the ultimate goal to give people that read it some ideas that will help stop desperation.
So, as a start, what you need is to put a smile on your face, read about some activities that are listed below and leave away some prejudices that will come because of how ridiculous some of these activities look. Even stupid things can make someone’s mood more positive!
1. Create a costume night event
There are only a few times at which we have the chance to put on a costume. Christmas and Halloween are two examples that apply to the biggest part of the world, and, depending on each country’s culture, there may be a few more occasions.
What you can do is host an evening in which every person dresses up in a funny, comical costume. Having lunch, playing games or partying dressed up in irregular clothes at home is not a usual thing. By also making it “themed”, it could be even more interesting to see what ideas come to everyone’s mind. Design it according to your interests.
2. Have an indoor picnic
Start a picnic blanket and basket of food and pretend that you’re having a picnic while eating dinner. It may be a way of making house members come closer after all, by simply offering a cute and cozy way to stop boring routine. It will make people feel like they’re part of a unit.
3. Plan an international dinner night
By discussing with the rest of the people that live in the house, you can pick out a country for which you’re all interested in and would all want to learn more about. Look for cuisine that is unique to that country and make dinner the way it would be properly made there.
Finding clothing that is appropriate and wearing it would add something more as well. All different members can put their own “signature” in the process by bringing one fact about the country to share at dinner time.
4. Plant seedlings
Taking care of another piece of life is always satisfying, as well as educative. In order to plant seedlings the right way, though, one has to know the details of how it’s done. Usually, most plants need 3-15 weeks to reach the point of being ready for transplantation.
Find plants that appeal to your own personality and do the necessary research for what it takes to keep it healthy. You may never have imagined this, but it brings great joy to watch those develop and bloom.
5. Organize a themed movie night
Quarantine gives a great opportunity to watch movies. However, instead of doing it randomly, you can pick a specific genre that provides a plethora of choices. There are so many movies that have sequels, those could be a good choice to feel involved. At the same time, to make it as cinematic as possible, you can also cook all kinds of snacks that roommates or family members like.
Also, since all this is going to take a while before it ends, people don’t have a reason to fight about what movie is going to be played. Stay-at-home days are a lot and everyone is given a chance to have it their way at some time.
6. Play board games
Who doesn’t enjoy taking part in board games while staying at home? They are a way to show creativity and imagination while giving some extra space for someone’s competitive nature to be satisfied. Available options are a lot. You can play Monopoly, Stratego, Risk, Scrabble and so on. In case options aren’t that much in abundance, there are online games too.
The great thing about all board games is that they give us the ability to interact with the rest of the participants while playing.
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7. Have a karaoke night
This is one of the funniest and most enjoyable ways to spend time with friends or family. Video game platforms such as PlayStation and Wii do provide several options to pick from.
Don’t be shy about singing, at the end of the day this is supposed to make everyone laugh, it’s not a contest or anything. Instead of hiding your sensitivity for shower time, let everyone else discover your inner capabilities.
Give it a shot. Even the greatest pop artists are not always perfect when singing.
OneTeam is always eager to help clients and people in general. We’re not hesitant to provide even the most down-to-earth methods to make something work. After all, no one can stay happy and positive by being serious every day, all day.


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