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7 Ways to Increase Traffic to your Website

Date Created: 18/03/2020

Generating website traffic is surely a must if you're looking for publicity. Just like a person’s image is deeply dependent on clothes, eye expression, walking style and haircut; a brand’s image is dependent on its website. Whenever regular Internet surfers bump onto your official company page they make an impression about it or the people who run it. Due to that impression being concretized at times, things must be taken seriously if a change is needed.


Every little aspect and every little detail can make a big difference in opinions. You can see that in yourself as well. Take a look at what your impression is based on a page's columns' colors, each section's letters, the format and how clear things look. All of those play a decisive role, right? Even the letters' colors on the page's contact section, being at the bottom of the page will generate some impressions or emotions.


With all that in mind, you should know that there are more than enough ways to increase traffic to your website. Things can get complicated at times, but solutions can also be quite simple.


If you do what it takes, there's no need to panic or worry. All it takes is a good start.


So, here are a few, either budget or non-budget friendly ways with which you can ultimately expand your brand's reach.


  1. Use Paid Advertising

The easiest, simplest and most effective way to bring people in is obviously through paid advertising. Based on your brand's size, competitors, target audience and objectives you should shortlist a few advertising methods or platforms and at the end of the day choose what suits you most.

Something really important to understand here is the decisiveness of keywords in the whole process. While some keywords are better for conversions, others are for traffic. Beware of what your competitors use and always monitor your results to put the emphasis wherever needed.




  1. Promote Stuff through Social Media

As a complementary means of website promotion and traffic generation, social media can and definitely should be a necessary addition. There aren’t a lot of things you can do for your website unless you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.

Different social media platforms serve different purposes. Based on what you intend to communicate, you should pick one or more platforms at a time.

Always be gentle and precise in choosing your tone of voice, image selection, and targeted audience.




  1. Optimize Your Website

There may not be a more straightforward, logical way to make regular people come to you than doing good SEO work. There are always many different aspects that distinguish well-optimized web pages from not so well-optimized web pages. There are keywords, meta-tags, meta-descriptions, page format and so on.

Since it’s only normal if it's all Greek to you, you should let professionals do the work if possible. If you haven't already, hire a developer for a one-off job, or for more, in case you want to change something in the future. It's perfectly ok to not squeeze your head and try to do things you may not be 100% capable of doing.


  1. Guest Blog and Invite Others to Guest Blog for You

Jumping to Guest Blogging, collaborating with other people or other brands with mutual interests can be very beneficial. In a way, just because two are usually more effective than one, by writing for others you'll get traffic both for theirs and ultimately your blog. At the same time, you will strengthen the possibility of them writing something for your blog in return, or do a favor in another way.

Through all this, people who may have had no idea about your business' existence and its offers can find something interesting in it and become some of your most loyal audience members. It can all happen through simply giving and receiving just a little bit of help from the right people.


  1. Optimize Your Links

Both how you structure your internal website links and how much of a good job you do have other sites link back to it are true difference makers in generating traffic.

You should give good reasons to others to trust you and ultimately lead people to your content or website. As long as you're relevant and true to your promises you have nothing to fear. Structuring all links within a website does not only make Google look at it with a friendly eye, but it also makes users’ experience much better, helping them understand whatever that website is about.




  1. Make Your Page Friendly to All Devices

Nowadays people spend more time browsing on their mobile phones than they do on a laptop or a desktop. Think about it, isn't a smartphone there almost 100% of the time?

Note that because things are not de facto for brands, based on what your business is about you may also want to put more emphasis on creating or optimizing your page for phone surfers, which make a huge part of the global population.

The fact that people mostly use a PC to convert might mean that they're not used to seeing a page on a smartphone that makes them feel safe enough. Your links, your columns, your images, and every other little detail must be flexible enough to make even the hardest individuals feel at ease.


  1. Build a Community

Apart from all those aspects related to your brand, your products or your services, sometimes forming a community that is indirectly related to what you do could be the answer for generating traffic. Not only can this make random people part of your audience, but it can also make them advocates of your brand one day.

If you take a look at what some big brands do, a community is a way to get strangers together and bring them close to your website. Word-of-mouth for marketing is becoming a trend lately.

Try to find a way to attract people, not by promoting something, but by giving them whatever they're most interested in. Strong relationships between humans can be one of your most effective tools for any marketing purpose.




If you look deeper into any of these 7 practices, you will surely discover other interesting tactics that help increase your website's traffic.

Those listed above are pretty much the most flexible ways every brand can use, regardless of what their sector is and what they do. They're there to give you a complete idea of how things should work.

In case you ever become interested in finding more stuff on other digital marketing topics and communication techniques you can always visit OneTeam’s official website and find out what you’re looking for.


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