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7 ways to write a Killer Social Media Copy

Date Created: 31/10/2019

Copywriting is the essence of today’s communication, marketing and advertising. At the end of the day it’s that which address and pulls the targeted audience. A successful social media copy is what generates action, leads, reactions and engagement. Even today a lot of people don’t give enough attention to it and as a result are beaten by other competitors who put the appropriate emphasis.

It takes time and effort though. It might seem simple and easy to write effectively, but there is a lot you should take into account. Generally, there are some specific steps and insights to keep in mind. There are patterns and methods that work regardless for successful copies.

One Team lists you those 7 steps you should take, in order to make your social media copy a killer!

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1. Focus on Something Specific

Overall there could be multiple reasons why a copy is needed. On your part, you should focus on the fact that the people you’re addressing are looking for a unique selling proposition, which by the way, might be determined by many factors. Despite that, it’s better to not confuse them with complicated information. Not focusing on something specific could disorientate the attention and loosen the interest of your audience. You should build your copy around one aspect despite the fact that there are multiple goals and objectives in every case.

This doesn’t mean leaving behind important stuff and key points. You should more or less include everything around your purpose, but put the main on focus on one aspect that keeps people interested.

2. Clarify your Objectives

By determining specifically what the objectives and goals are, it becomes easier to center you copy around the most important insight. Is your copy about something long term or short term? Do you want to generate leads? Do you want to make something viral? Do you want to boost engagement? These are some fundamental questions that define objectives. Be precise and accurate in the way you measure how much you achieved your goals.

For different types of objectives there are different tones, styles and methods of writing. You should have a specific guide in your mind in order to make a copy powerful and effective.

7 ways to write a killer copy

3. Define your Audience

Another key factor that decides the structure and content of your copy is obviously who you’re talking to. It makes sense that different generations perceive the world differently, and people with different interests are attracted to different content or information.

You need to make clear to yourself what kind of people you’re addressing. Something that helps is personifying your target audience based on psychographic, demographic, behavioral and geographic characteristics.

4. Brainstorm

It is essential that you let your creativity, ideas and imagination flourish before starting your copy. Your first draft should be about covering your general concept and main points through brainstorming. You shouldn’t waste time and energy during every sentence. Instead, write everything the way it comes out of your mind and later do the editing.

If some part of your copy is troubling you, take a piece of paper and vomit any idea that comes to mind and make necessary adaptations later. Keep in mind that you should edit your copy multiple times before publishing it.


5. Be Simple and Concise

Most people usually think that complicating things makes them look and feel more complete or showcase intelligence and competence. You need to grab people’s attention probably during their leisure time.

Too much information is probably going to bore or tire your target audience. Copywriting shouldn’t be too detailed. Regardless of topic, in order to successfully spread a main message you need to be easily understood and clear.

This doesn’t mean making your content less artistic or sophisticated, but beware of the fact that complexity usually confuses people.

It’s also much easier for people to remember stuff when they’re simple and straightforward. Memorable messages aren’t rocket science.

6. Make your Headline a Memorable Standout

As mentioned in the previous step, your content should be memorable. Most people’s attention is grabbed through concise, catchy and easy to remember headlines. Your headline should be well-sounding. Use repetition, rhyming words, contrast or anything else that makes it sound right and pleasing to the ear.

 You may think it’s nonsense, but many times weak headlines are decisive when it comes to a company’s success or revenue. Your headline should grab the attention of the target audience while highlighting the benefits of your offer. Copies should differ based on what they’re about and what they project. Your focus should primarily depend on the objectives.

Help yourself by reading other successful copies and headlines on the Internet. Watch universally successful print or video advertisements or read book chapters around communication, marketing and advertising.

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7. Generate Engagement through Storytelling

Through storytelling, it is much easier to build an identity and profile around your brand and ultimately create a bond with your audience. People are much more likely to be interest in a brand and form a relationship with it when they see certain characteristics and values. You should make your brand relatable, connective and interesting.

Tell a story around anything that might pull your target audience. It need not necessarily be directly focused around your offer, but it will keep people around.

Make sure your story creates a dialogue, looks realistic, showcases your brand’s capabilities and makes call to action irresistible. Let your target audience feel like your brand is a friend.


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