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Body Language - 5 Important Ingredients

Date Created: 9/03/2022

If you make your living in the sales industry and work with people, it is important that you not only express yourself verbally but also convey a clear message with your body language.

Your body language is made up of many important ingredients, but here are the five that are considered the most important, along with a description and a few tips on how to improve your skills.

  1. Eye contact

When speaking to a client or potential client, look them in the eye. This shows that you are confident and convinced about the product you are selling.

  1. Shake hands

When you shake someone's hand, grasp it firmly and shake hands vigorously no less than three times. Again, this shows your customer that you are a confident person and that you are genuinely happy to meet or see them.

A limp handshake, better known as a "dead fish", shows your customer that you are not interested and puts them off!

  1. Appearance

Appearance is key, and many studies have confirmed this. People prefer to deal with salespeople who have a good appearance. The customer thinks to himself: if this person does not care about himself, how can I expect him to care about me?




Would you buy a food item or cookware from a person with dirty fingernails? This sounds a bit harsh, but it is the truth.

  1. Smile

Smiling is the easiest thing in the world to do! A smile is contagious, puts your customer at ease, and adds a pleasant tone to your voice.

  1. Good Posture

Good posture also shows the customer that you have confidence in yourself and the products you are selling. It also says a lot about your personality. Anything else, like slouching, makes you look like a slacker and gives your customer the impression that you do not believe in your product and that you would rather be somewhere else doing something else.

These are the five key ingredients to good body language, and it's not very hard to master these skills. You can practice with your friends and family without them noticing.

Once you master these skills, they will come effortlessly to you, and before you know it, they will become second nature to you, and your sales will ultimately increase. Good luck!


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