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Coronavirus Can Be a Little Bit Helpful After All

Date Created: 26/03/2020

Creativity and coronavirus. Both of these words start with a letter c, but that’s not where their similarities end. In this undoubtedly negative situation that the whole world is facing, one may be able to find a few positives. One of those is using creativity to shed some light and bring
joy to people. Just by taking a look at what celebrities or politicians have to say, which, a lot of times is said to simply fulfill their own needs
of getting publicly liked; there’s little hate speech compared to regular times. It almost looks like people may have finally found a way to come together!

All of you who are reading this article may be thinking that this coming-together thing is just “too little” to equalize those negative outcomes that come through this viral attack. It’s true that a lot of people, mostly older, are passing away daily and that’s sad; it’s depressing actually. What we can do, though, is keep in mind that we don’t need to read or hear that thousands are passing away in Italy, and even more so, read or hear their goodbye letters to loved ones to come closer as human beings.

So, how can we face this? What can we do to stay slightly more positive during this “dark” period? The answer could come by using creativity. We can express our love and put a smile on our faces because creativity can change things both for the people who express themselves through it and the people who perceive it as spectators. It can make us a little bit happier and that’s what we are looking for at the end of the day.

There are so many ways one can be productive in a creative way. Looking at social media, there are tons of funny memes, touching videos, memorable actions, informative posts, stories and so many other types of expressions that come as a result of people’s imagination and will to help. If you haven’t already done anything on your part, you can find some ideas on how to do it properly and positively by looking at some examples or by reading a good piece of advice. 

Here’s what you can do:

  • Make a positive joke

No matter what the situation is, some people just can’t be too serious. If any of you people who are reading this article fall into this category, there’s no need to feel bad about yourself. Be cool enough to make jokes that won’t insult others, but will give motivation for something better coming up. Your only concern here should be understanding boundaries and limitations. 

Through using social platforms, there’s a great opportunity to either post or share other people’s or companies’ funny posts. Joking can make coronavirus look weak instead of people.

If one knows how to do this properly, there won’t be any negative reactions. Word choice is key in every aspect of life.


  • Create a story to come closer with others

Some of our more conservative friends may think of stories as a means of “fake” interaction tools meant to be used by younger immature people. The reality though, is that, if done the right way, stories can put a cap on solitude; especially in this case. 

Most governments are now putting citizens into quarantine for a good reason. This reduces mobility and crowding. So, a good solution could be creating one or more groups with the purpose of “reducing” loneliness and keeping the good company alive.

While exercising or taking a pet outdoors for a walk, what we can do is record ourselves to create stories or even connect simultaneously to share experiences in different places.


  • Recognize your talent and express it

 Not all of us are equally capable when it comes to doing different things. However, there must be something every single human being is good at; something unique. Even people who are only known for being negative and doing nothing but yelling at others, they can humorously use that by finding a specific topic to yell about. If any of your readers interact daily with those people, please find a positive way to utilize them. At the end of the day, they may love it too.

Generally, talents can include lots of different things and as a result, they can be used for numerous things. For example, a person who is good at drawing can simply put effort into drawing something touching or appealing. Someone else who is physically capable can show the world some positivity by finding alternative methods of working out. Many people could find it cute and many others could find it silly to say “I always wanted to do pull-ups using trees, but people would weirdly look at me!”. Most likely though, very few people would view it negatively. 


  • Enhance your housework capabilities

This is a great chance for all of us to find out ways with which we can unlock true inner powers. Many of us may be great cooks, but we may have never had the opportunity to know it. How much of shame would that be? Also, staying home makes room for putting effort into fixing all kinds of home things we may have wanted to fix, but never had the time to. This is a chance to become interior designers, chefs, babysitters, carpenters, painters, plumbers, electricians and so forth. 

It’s only a matter of how you view it. Most people would complain about doing housework, but since there is going to be more and more free time at home it has to become a motive to express ourselves in the most creative possible way.


OneTeam’s people always see the opportunity for creativity in unique situations. Even though this despised virus is looking like it desperately wants to expand throughout the world, we’re facing it by staying happy and giving hope to all those “fragile” people through every different design service our arsenal offers.


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