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How to Choose Influencers

Date Created: 16/06/2020
Influencers are communicators recruited by companies to advertise products to their fans and followers on their platforms. However, it’s not easy to decide on which people specifically are likely to be most effective. Many different factors determine the right picking, and by not being specific and critical enough, things could fail.
It’s essential to keep in mind that a brand is supposed to have a specific reputation through which it is publicly identified, and at the same time, that campaigns can be a separate story depending on what their purpose is.
But, let’s not spend time describing generically what this whole process of choosing influencers is about, let’s just get to the point.
Go along with the following tips and a good strategy will be much easier to create.
1. Define your objectives
This is probably understandable. Nothing starts without determining what exactly is achieved by utilizing influencers.
A combination of different objectives may be confusing. Particularly when you want one or a handful of people to advertise something, usually the main message should be one direct, straight, clear notion that the target audience can understand. In other words, one notion that influences.
It’s really important to tell the difference when an individual can speak to the masses and when an individual can speak to specific groups of people for specific purposes. That difference should be correlated with the objectives.
2. Create a target persona
Elaborating more on the connection between influencers and audiences, creating a persona that describes the targeted people would be really helpful.
Apart from the obvious factors like age, place, career, likes and dislikes, take it a step further and list anything that helps you understand better whom you’re dealing with.
Brainstorm and feel free to think with words that help clarify the process by keeping in mind that is not about labeling, but about making things easier.
3. Research influencers
If we’d have to put priorities, research is what should be done most rigorously.
Make a list of all potential influencers, pay close attention to whatever they’re doing on social media or the internet in general, and take an even deeper look in public reactions that relate to them.
Based on all that you can get a clue on whether an influencer is simply liked, admired, seen as someone serious or just as friendly. Usually, though, both influencers’ and audience’s personalities are complex, so, the way influencers are viewed is not going to be a hundred percent one particular way.
Since research can be complicated, there are a few digital platforms that will give a hand. Some of the most popular include Upfluence, Traackr and Heepsy.
4. Find the sweet spot
Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and whatever that opinion is, it can bring something positive.
It’s safe to say that the most conciliatory and, therefore, a preferable thing to do would be sitting down, exchanging ideas and planning as a group. Because, following blindly what your influencer thinks, or just giving directions without being eager to listen are both one sided. Finding the sweet spot in between is usually the key.
Remember that people do not become influencers by receiving a major degree. That title is earned, and thus there are enough creativity and social skills that seemed to have worked to some point. So, give guidance by also giving a lot of room for expression of individual creativity.
5. Assess the process
Publicity in general, and, sometimes campaigns take place over a long period. What this means is that during that time one can evaluate the level to which things are going according to the initial plan.
By knowing continuously whether the objectives are achieved or not, you’re going to be able to make improvements in terms of your influencers’ approach and tactics, and at the end of the day make closer steps towards a success story.
On the other hand, if we’re talking about one-off cases in which influencers aren’t supposed to work for more than once and for not more than a single day, an assessment is the best way to make sure that in the future things will be better.
For actually doing your evaluation you can either keep track and pay attention to what your influencer does, or use analytics tools.
OneTeam is specialized in choosing the right individuals for the right purposes. We give a lot of attention to all the different characteristics of influencers and KOLs and always find ways to expand our list of established or emerging influential people.


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