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In Marketing, a Good Design May Matter Even More than You Think

Date Created: 30/07/2020
Sometimes, impressions can be more impactful than rational facts or deeper meanings.
For lots of people, the exterior image is the number one important factor when they first choose a mate and not the behavior necessarily.
Design is somewhat broad. One thing is certain though. It gives you a great chance to use creativity.
Different personalities can be attracted through different aesthetic methods. While some individuals value extravagant images or colors, others appreciate simplicity.
One may wonder how all this relates to marketing. It’s safe to say that through a good design you can make someone perceive things in a different way.
Through extraordinary or interesting images it’s easier to awake emotions quickly and efficiently. And creating emotions in consumers can potentially make a significant difference in brand building, loyalty or reputation.
Also, let’s not disregard that messages are meanings passed through both text and image.
Speaking of a hot topic; if a brand chose to support the Black Lives Matter movement through social media, design should be executed attentively too. No one wants to send a wrong message and bring out negative reactions accidentally. For instance, vivid colors may not be the wisest option. At least, in this case, they may not be impactful enough.
To put it all in simple words, a good design can:
  • Help a brand showcase a specific identity and character
There are many types of brand personalities, and anyone that runs a business chooses the one with the best fit. Whether a favorable trait is casualty, sincerity or anything else, it has to be aligned with specific designs in websites, social media accounts, posters etc.
brand personality
When designs represent vividness, one of the first subconscious thoughts that will come to people’s minds will likely be linked to liveliness. When designs are dull, people won’t see anything beyond a brand.
  • Drive conversions
Even if the word alluring doesn’t sound much appropriate, it may describe best what people feel by seeing a well designed converting digital advertisement.
Images and texts can make an impact when they are aligned to the viewer's personality.
Many marketing professionals don’t put much emphasis on design, but they concentrate on texts. It may not be about making one single aspect perfect though. As mentioned above, it takes combining different pieces to create a comprehensive and effective whole.
  • Make campaigns more memorable
For a campaign about domestic violence, print ads that show women with scars or bruises are touching and indelible. But, are print ads that state heartbreaking facts through text as memorable?
Sometimes, a picture worths a thousand words.
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