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Making Daily Life More Vigorous

Date Created: 16/10/2020
Many of us may enjoy relaxing for endless hours at times. However, we forget how this can also lead to inactivity when we have little control over our lazy side.
It sometimes feels as there is nothing positive in tiring ourselves pointlessly during leisure. Hence, we compromise by sitting on a couch, watching TV or just surfing over the internet.
It’s a shame, though, to not do stuff when finding activities is only a matter of trying to do so.
By making your day fully fledged you can turn life into a pleasurable and inclusive process.
What can you do on a daily basis to make your routine feel like it isn’t routine anymore?
· Go for long walks
In Africa there is a saying. “If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to walk far, walk together.” This means that there is extra room for communication with others during long walks and a chance to exercise physically by doint it alone.
If you prefer the lonelier choicer, you can focus on thinking during walking. Thinking could be more effective when breathing fresh air and wondering around a city or in nature.
· Do housework
Cleaning the floor, all the windows, the bathrooms and tiding up the bedrooms means housework, right?
Housework can be sometimes classified as a stress relieve factor.
Experiment with yourself and see where your talents lie when it comes to household activities. It might get somewhat rewarding.
· Stop using a vehicle for small distances
You can stop using a vehicle whenever you’re about to go somewhere close, and even if you're about to go far away, you can walk to a bus or train station.
Also, it is needless to mention that there are environmental benefits apart from economic ones.
· Participate in group activities
This may sound vague since group activities may include many different things.
You can become more active by forming groups with friends and taking part in sports or other outdoor games. At the same time you can also form new groups, make new friends and find a reason to believe in something you had never thought about before.
The reward will be there. In any case, it’s another productive way of enhancing yourself.
group activities
Every single one of us is different; make a list of topics you find interesting, seek clubs or associations, and find out what you can do to participate effectively in their groups.
· Exercise outdoors
Exercising indoors could make you fit enough but becoming fit isn’t the sole purpose of exercise.
You can always make a stop at a park during a long walk and do some pushups, jump rope, cross fit exercising or anything else that helps your body and your mind evolve.
Train your body and soul by becoming less isolated; meet other people that also like to exercise outdoors.
· Do yoga or meditate
Doctors' point of view on yoga is becoming more positive lately.
Despite how contemporary it may look, yoga is found in one of the oldest texts in the world. It was mentioned in the Rig Veda, which was written approximately around 1500 B.C.
There are many different types of yoga as well as meditation.
Some types are more specialized in changing your body, others in changing your mind, others help you create calmness and peace within yourself, and so on and so forth.
In India, it is common for even experienced practitioners to do only one single posture to cover all aspects. Start the same way, and in the future expand on varieties if this feels reasonable at the moment.
· Stop buying everything online
There is no doubt tha buying online can be easier and more practical.
Sometimes, however, it may be more fulfilling to spend energy by visiting an actual store.
Not only will you exercise to some extent, but you will also get the chance to interact with people from your neighborhood.
Buying online isn’t supposed to be an option for able-bodied individuals that are still under a certain restricting age.
· Start a healthier diet
You may be surprised to find out that energy is strongly affected by a well ballanced diet.
Eating sufficient fruit, vegetables, nuts or superfoods could make a significant difference in your body and your mood.
Σχέδιο χωρίς τίτλο 3
Since cooking has been mentioned above, you can experiment by trying healthier recipes.
OneTeam’s values are aligned with activity and vigor. We know that being a productive group at work is linked with being active during leisure.


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