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Planning a Digital Event During Coronavirus

Date Created: 30/07/2020
Coronavirus has undoubtedly brought a big change in our lives. Every single day people need to be careful and do everything they can to stop the spread. But, this is not where it all ends. Anyone who runs a business or works for one knows how deeply things have been affected.
Regardless of the sector, Events are important, if not in many cases necessary. And this is where a big problem has appeared out of the blue. How can you host an event with lots of participants, that is supposed to make a big buzz? Well, fortunately, not all events require social gatherings. Digital events are available too, and now that this dangerous pandemic is around, the timing to host one feels better than ever.
Digital events include any organized meet-up which takes place online. However, even if some people are experienced enough in using digital media to communicate messages, we can’t know for a fact whether they are experienced enough in hosting a digital event.
This article will enable anyone to at least understand the key ingredients that help orchestrate a digital event. Tips below are there to shed some light.
Let’s start by making a useful list of some types of digital events.
  • Live discussions
You can do live discussions by using Twitter, Discord, Reddit, Quora, Facebook and Slack. Find an interesting question that is going to draw people’s attention and use hashtags to be found more easily.
Live discussions
  • Stories
Stories can be created through live videos, visuals of tutorials, interviews, and other exciting and innovative ideas.
Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and the recently created Tik Tok are some of the most appropriate media to share stories.
  • Webinars
Webinars are online seminars/ discussions. Surely, making presentations face to face has the advantage of using body language. On the other hand, sometimes it has to be digital.
Tools that help host a webinar are Zoom, Crowdcast, Demio, WebinarNinja, 6connex, and of course, YouTube.
  • Social livestreams
Social livestreams are videos in which participants communicate live. Being consistent for as long as the livestream takes place is what makes the big difference. Everything becomes easier by finding an interesting topic of discussion. As a host, you may not need to keep it all together alone that way.
Today, most social media offer an option of doing livestreaming.
What should you do to organize your digital event?
1. Plan
A good strategy helps a lot in organizing a digital event, regardless of how many people are to take part. You need to be precise in determining the purpose, the budget, the media, whether it’s going to be live or not, and anything else that requires your attention.
2. Collect data
In this case, data may include information related directly or indirectly to the event’s functionality or purpose.
Take care of any legal or technical requirements, map out all of your available resources and examine carefully what non-available data are really worth investing in.
  Collect data
3. Determine your audience
This is part of the strategy as well. However, since its significance stands out, it's better to give it additional and notable care.
Understanding who is taking part shapes many aspects of the whole event. Make a target persona, based on which your content and your tone of voice are going to be aligned with.
4. Choose timing right
If coronavirus is the primary reason to host a digital event, timing matters. But, apart from being precautious about the prevention of the pandemic, you should also take into account other factors. You need to determine if there are any other competing events during the planned day, or an important holiday.
At the same time, some events are "available" after their prosecution. So, determine whether it is going to be a one-off case or not.
5. Promote you event
There's no point to worry about the event's success without promoting it strongly. It’s better to do promotion by keeping in mind the event’s type, the media, the targeted people, your available data and the timing.
Also, highlight the fact that the event is going to be digital for the sake of stopping the spread. Anyone noticing that there’s enough attention for such an important issue could think even more highly of your business.
6. Get prepared for difficulties
It isn’t only about being prepared to face difficulties by acquiring technical tools. Things don't always go as planned; hence, what also matters is understanding how a non desirable situation should be handled communication wise.
Get prepared for difficulties
We’re only humans and technology isn’t always perfect. So, try not to hide away; try to manage everything carefully, including mistakes.
As OneTeam we’re not only capable, but also eager to create, organize, implement and manage any type of corporate event, including digital ones. Our people have a lot of experience. We have designed numerous successful events about many different occasions. We have launched products, promoted internal messages, and introduced new services, while keeping in mind that one of the key aspects is creating engagement with target audiences.


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