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Read This If You Want to Look Better in Meetings or Interviews

Date Created: 20/03/2020

Interaction is key in every aspect of life, isn’t it? Especially if you’re looking for a job or you’re closing a deal or you’re getting promoted. Whenever you’re in a meeting or you’re being interviewed by someone who works as a hiring manager or even more importantly, by a CEO, you can’t afford to look non-trustworthy or insignificant. Not even a little.

For a lot of people, it’s not what you say, but how you say it and how you project it. Sometimes a person’s image is indeed even more vital than actual work; and as far as that is concerned, some general aspects appeal to different mindsets. These could be body language, eye expression, eye contact or tone of voice.

There’s no doubt about this; it’s unfair to miss deals, jobs or other opportunities simply because the superficial impression you make is not good enough. What you can do at the end of the day is to use some tips to enhance your positive traits or even project yourself better in other people’s eyes.

It may be a simple approach, but in this case, taking seriously something easy and not getting in too much detail would be more tangible and therefore more effective.

So grab a seat, read the following tips and see how you can make the better of interactive situations in meetings.


  1. Self-practice

Before doing anything in this life, it’s essential to practice first. It makes sense that you should be more than well-prepared whenever you’re about to have an important meeting with hard, hot-headed individuals.

If a friend is available, seek help and ask for an approach which is as strict and as confrontational as possible towards you to make yourself capable of expecting the highest levels of adversity.

Also, another thing you can do is use a mirror. Ironically, mirrors are not just there for fixing our hairstyles. Use it to test yourself, see your facial expressions, your pros and cons and decide on what you need to keep as is and what you need to change.

  1. Study

This can sometimes be a big difference maker. Try to study and learn as much information as you can and make your thoughts about the people you’re about to meet; they’ll appreciate it.  

Also, because this is not for yourself, but obviously for doing a better impression; don’t keep your interest silent. It would be pointless to not show how much you’ve studied things at the end of the day, wouldn’t it?


Keep in mind the fact that timing here is very much relevant. There is this thin line between viewed positively and being viewed as a total weirdo. If you imagine yourself simply throwing stuff, you’d realize that mental reactions would probably not be that great. So, put some emphasis on how and not just what.


  1. Ask questions

For a lot of people asking questions is synonymous with being stupid. Wrong! Asking questions is completely normal, and being curious is what helps a single individual grow both mentally and behaviorally.

If your questions are to the point, you’ve got absolutely nothing to be worried about. Try to align your body language with the cognitive meanings of your questions so that people who listen will be more engaged with the manner with which you’re asking. Don’t hesitate; it’s not that hard if you do it well.


Also, by finding insights and by asking some smart questions about the meeting’s purpose or some questions that people look unprepared for, you can take it a step even further.

If you don’t press the spam button, looking curious can work pretty well.


  1. Try not to panic

You shouldn’t start acting like crazy whenever you’re asked about something you have no idea about. There’s not one person in this world who can be a hundred percent sure about everything, which means you wouldn’t be a negative exception.

By now you’re probably wondering, “So what’s the solution for those hectic situations?” There sure is one. Ironically, riddles are more likely to be solved by not panicking. Think about this. Even if you don’t know something, if you act like that’s the end of the world, it would look like a big deal, whereas if you calmly acted like “Ok, I had no clue!”, you’d make it sound natural, not as something that other people must take too seriously.

By keeping your cool, people on the other side of the table will too.


  1. Unlock your personality

Playing it too safe on what you say and what you do is useless when you’re about to win other people’s hearts. Think about it, why would you even show something completely different than your reality in the first place? It wouldn’t suit you and would only do something at a first glance without any room for consistency.

If showing a strong character pairs with not following the norm, it’s better to offer or be something slightly different than what expected, as opposed to being just another common option. When you’re memorable, your option could likely be one of those shortlisted as far as competition is concerned.


It will help to think of both your positive and negative traits as something unique. It’s when you’re proud of how you’re different when other people believe in you.

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