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Some Effective Low-Budget Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Date Created: 24/01/2020

Having a difficult time hearing about all those high-priced marketing offerings by agencies? Worrying too much that your small business does not stand a chance competing with other big companies? Well, no one can deny that things that are supposed to be large-scaled and refined do require some money spending.

But, you should know that the budget does not necessarily define success. There are cases of literally huge companies blowing it and in a matter of years shrinking into half. Sometimes, all it takes is doing the smallest things well and providing your brand with what’s needed. Ultimately your business will stand out and grow to some considerable extent.

You just need to take the most serious aspects of marketing into consideration and organize whatever you’re about to do. Small brands can start from reaching and affecting a few people on social platforms to doing business on a global level and being market leaders. At the end of the day, it’s all in people’s hands.

So, whatever your business’s area of interest and market is, you can simply follow some clever, effective rules that generally bring fruitful results no matter what.

Here’s a mix of some low-budget marketing ideas that will likely boost the number of offices and employees within your workplace.


1. Create good quality content

This is where you should start. All you need as a fundamental step is to make a good impression on whoever visits your page. Make them want to revisit your page again and again by creating interest and exhibiting knowledge in catchy topics.

You can’t transform people’s minds without having a clear, defined method of dragging them towards you.

2. Educate people

Something really, really important in this whole process is to portray yourself or your brand as a free, helpful guide. To some extent, everyone at some point appreciates receiving help. So, use certain tools and find out what your targeted people look for in order to provide something in return.

3. Engage through Social Networks

There’s no need to explain further why you need to create an account in the biggest Social Networks if you haven’t already. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are some of the best tools for communicating with audiences and portraying a positive image towards other businesses.

Make sure you optimize your posts appropriately for each medium.

4. Recycle existing content

By recycling your content, you liken the possibility of people who had no clue about your brand, finally viewing your content. You can create videos about old articles, webinars or infographics, you can collect your content based on relativity and form an e-book, and so on and so forth.

Giving something little but good is always more effective than not giving anything.

5. Run online contests

This can be one of the most, if not the most engaging way of dragging people. You could even make them advocates of your brand one day.

Just imagine yourself being offered something you crave from a brand through participating in a contest. Wouldn’t you tell some of your friends about it? Wouldn’t your friends ultimately join the next contest if they’re interested? Most likely they would. So, give it a try.

6. Give new life to Old Data

If somehow you’ve run out of ideas, you should in no way freeze your blog activity. It’s not vital to always post something new. Sometimes you can’t find anything new, because there really isn’t anything.

What you can do is look for older data and see how you can make use of it in the best possible way.

Keep in mind that many interesting things which have been existing for a long time on the internet may have gone unnoticed and if took seriously they could be proved really useful.

7. Be generous to advocates

What you profoundly want from your customers is not just to buy your products, but also advocate your brand.

Brand loyal people would appreciate it being given something back whenever they brought new customers to your business.

Develop a customer referral program in order to grow your business by bringing more people in and forming stronger relationships with your existing customers.

8. Create exciting business cards

Even the simplest factors can sometimes play an important role in success. If you’ve given job interviews, you’ve probably noticed a significant difference in your impression whenever given a well crafted, good looking business card compared to whenever given a simple, basic, boring card.

Refine your own business card by hiring a one-off specialist with the intention to make it as eye-catching and exciting as possible.

9. Apply for business awards

Whatever industry your business is involved in, there’s definitely online business awards for it. If you ultimately win and receive an online badge, you will strengthen the image of your brand significantly.

In case you don’t win any award, what you can do is at least host your own awards. That would surely make your brand more recognizable and give room for more future collaborations.

10. Organize events and outdoor activities

Interacting physically with people surely is warmer, more genuine and more engaging than interacting on social platforms.

Whenever people are brought together for some common interest, they form relationships with one another, and they’ll probably become more sympathetic towards the organizer of the event.

Make sure the event’s theme is about some socially-acceptable matter. It’s always good to be in the spotlight for something positive, and that way media will most likely give you more attention.

Now, there could be more things you could find useful in order to help your small business grow. If you look deeply into each one of those 11 ideas you’ll see different complementary practices that can be tangibly executed.

Surely some of those listed above will make a difference. All you need to do is carefully take well-thought actions by giving attention to detail.

If you’re looking for more ways of boosting your leads, engaging with people or getting publicly noticeable, you can always contact One Team’s experts.


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