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Stay Immune To Coronavirus

Date Created: 13/04/2020
With coronavirus being in the spotlight for a good reason, people are continuously trying to find ways to keep themselves and those that they love safe. A big concern of being safe during this universal situation is without a doubt about keeping ourselves immune. Generally, those with poor immunity, especially older people and young kids, should be more careful.
At the same time, doctors also say that apart from staying at home most of the time, there are some relevant immunity boosters or supplements which can help too.
Give this article some of your precious time, which is probably abundant presently, and see what you can do to make your system as resistant as possible.
Take a look below and make the best out of these suggestions.
1. Consume low-carb foods
There is plenty of evidence that reveals the numerous benefits gained from a low-carb diet. More than ever, it has now been recognized as vital to follow a low-carb diet that doesn’t only enhance your fitness but also boosts your overall health and well-being. The eating habits that you are now following should be focused on giving the essential nutrition by also maintaining your blood sugar levels and weight low.
According to a recent study report, it is shown that people suffering from diabetes and other metabolic illnesses are at most risk regarding COVID-19 development.
This means that there is no contradiction about the fact that low-carb foods or ketogenic diets can both treat as well as reverse the respective metabolic conditions. In another study, it was revealed through experiments that following a keto diet help in downgrading the risks of developing influenza in mice. While the results may not be entirely clear in the case of humans, it is well-proven that both weight loss and improved metabolic health can boost the overall immunity in your system.
2. Take lots of vitamin D
By both serving as a vitamin and a hormone, Vitamin D is crucial for securing health. In case your vitamin D levels are low, once you start making it a bigger part of your system, you’ll be more likely to stay healthy. More importantly, it can also help decrease the risks of developing coronavirus.
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What you can do is receive ample sunlight for as long as you can, which is the natural source of vitamin D. And to do it as successfully as possible, you can fix a proper schedule. Generally, early morning hours are the most preferable.
3. Consume turmeric
Turmeric is widely considered as a healthy ingredient, offering a wide range of benefits. Being mostly used as a spice by a lot of people who like cooking, it also serves as a power-pack provider, giving anti-inflammatory and anti-viral qualities. Curcumin, which is found in turmeric attributes to most of the health benefits of this highly beneficial ingredient.
So, even you’re not a big fan, give it a shot and add some of it to your daily meals or snacks to gain some of its benefits. Be careful though, you should first consult your physician if you have a specific medical condition.
4. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables and seeds
Having a diet full of fresh fruits, vegetables and seeds is not an uncommon suggestion for improving your immunity. In a recent study, it was revealed that older people who consumed more fruits and vegetables daily had better overall immunity, while they also responded well to the pneumonia vaccinations.
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5. Avoid refined carbs and sugar
Based on laboratory studies, we know that consuming too much sugar could harm white blood cells in our body. And apart from that, an increase in blood sugar levels could also make us prone to infections and multiple diseases.
This means that minimizing your overall intake of refined sugars can help your body stay away from viruses.
Start eating according to this and you may see a big difference in your, health as well as your physical condition.
Make sure that your immunity is strong enough to help you get past this current pandemic situation unharmed. Don’t forget that by saving yourself, you’re also saving others.


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