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The 5 Brand Personality Types

Date Created: 26/05/2020
It feels a little bit inappropriate when we say that a brand has a personality, right? When that word comes to mind, most of us usually think of people, not objects, and certainly not corporations.
However, as crazy as it may sound, it might make some sense. Let’s start by saying that brands do consist of real people, and, since success is what’s sought after; those try to attract or convince other people in away.
This means that there must be some sort of match or mutual understanding, which can’t be achieved without influential characteristics that are part of a bigger whole; a personality.
Judging from everyday experience, we can safely say that it’s somewhat similar or, at least the complementary personalities that form deeper bonds. Because, believe it or not, that’s what brands should seek to do when they try to make customers or clients loyal; to form some sort of bonds.
To shed more light, by taking some time to observe some popular advertisements, we will notice different characteristics in the way with which those address the public.
For example, a juice product TV advertisement with exotic music and tropical themes is not an uncommon pattern when a summer launch is about to take place. A running shoe advertisement through which people are encouraged to believe in themselves and surpass physical disadvantages might also ring a bell.
There are a few key ingredients that determine the way with which brands form their personalities. Those are based on the nature of products and services and at the same time the characteristics of target groups.
By breaking down each one of the 5 most widely accepted brand personality types, things will start getting clearer.
Below is a list that might help.
1. Competence
This is the type that suits companies that rely on success, reliability, intelligence, and expertise. Many tech companies and car manufacturers are portrayed as competent when they try to convince customers of high quality and certainty.
Usually, target groups of brands with a competent personality do not consist of young, rich teenage girls or people who simply want to enjoy the products they buy. This is mostly about doing the job as efficiently and as accurately as possible.
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2. Sincerity
Personal values and ethics are what sincerity is supposed to mean here. It’s not rare to hear from friends who are not in the marketing, communication or advertising industry that “this company lost me when they…”, you know the rest of the story.
If sincerity didn’t matter, then news that involves scandals wouldn’t matter either. Honesty and the association of products or services with morality can be attractive.
3. Excitement
Coming to this type, the word excitement speaks for itself. Imagination, youthfulness, a free spirit and the ability to be daring without caring can be inspiring.
When we associate brands with creativity things can’t be dull. But, creativity is not just it. As far as young people are concerned, they just want to gain something that matches their liveliness. So, brands that attempt to excite their audiences can range from soft drink producers to mobile network operators.
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4. Sophistication
Regardless of which specific ingredients that are based on intellectual aspects of life are used, sophistication is one generic way of describing what it takes to attract a number of people that like specific sophisticated styles.
By the way, this may not be a characteristic of a product or service, but rather an approach or tactic. When a beer is advertised through a man who is supposed to be classy and charismatic, the beer itself is just a beer.
5. Ruggedness
Ruggedness will most likely be more easily understood through specific examples of brands. Two of the most defining of those would be Harley-Davidson and Marlboro.
Individuals who value a more sentimental side of life wouldn’t feel much if they a saw a video commercial of a bearded man riding a big motorcycle in the middle of a dessert or a print ad of a sun-tanned woman dressed in a leather jacket and ripped jeans smoke a cigarette with her eyes half-closed.
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A lot of times ruggedness and internal strength look inseparable, and that’s basically the meaning of this personality type.
Helping companies find out what they need to do in order to speak to the hearts of consumers is one of OneTeam’s main competences. Through serving many different corporations that operate in many different sectors, we know the differences between those 5 brand personality types, and at the same time, we’re constantly eager to help our clients understand them too.


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