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The 8 most functional steps that will take your Marketing Event into another level!

Date Created: 27/09/2019

The 8 most functional steps that will take your Marketing Event into another level!

The contemporary marketing world is constantly evolving through many revolutionary methods. Event marketing is one the strongest, being extremely effective in the way it engages people. And if you work for a big company or even run your own small business, you’ve probably tried many ways of pulling people towards your purpose.

Well basically, what you need to do is make use of what has never changed in history, and that’s socialization. Form strong human relationships and attract people’s minds through interacting with them. In other words, create engagement through organizing events.

The question is how. How can you form a successful and efficient marketing event?

Fundamentally, you have to start from the simplest aspects concerning the event and reach the most complicated details after examining and breaking down every issue. Whatever the company’s sector and area of functioning is, some things are applicable regardless.

One Team has chosen for you 8 ways to boost and elevate your marketing event, making it as effective and engaging as possible.

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  1. Do your research

As a first step, research is the most fundamental working as a guide for all the rest. Do not make the mistake taking this step for granted, because if you do it is very likely you’ll miss a lot of important details concerning the organization of the event. Outline the purpose of your event and its expectations. Decide on what is feasible and what not. Some ideas, no matter how creative or wonderful may look, they could be unrealistic and get you into trouble later in the process. Also, you must decide your target audience in order to communicate with them effectively. Mistakes in that aspect can be really decisive. As soon as your ideas, your plans and audience are decided, you should organize the timeline of the event and lastly the most crucial factor of all, money. Researching the budget will ensure you can effectively prioritize your spending, and can determine what your event can offer to people.

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  1. Design a Website for the Event

After doing research regarding the objectives, the budget, the target audience and the timeline, you need to form a website based upon all that. A marketing website is the most apparent way to turn your potential attendees into actual attendees. Particularly, what is needed is the creation of enthusiasm and longing for something. In order to achieve that the website has to be as understandable and aesthetically powerful as possible. Use vibrant colors and organize the themes in a geometrically understandable formation. Make the website a pleasant and fun guide for the target audience.

  1. Make the Event visually conceivable

The targeted people need to be able to visualize what the event is going to feel and look like. That will happen if they’re shown selected images and videos of other events or previous events organized by your business or even by other businesses. They need to feel like they want to be part of that happening through video testimonials. It is one thing imagining something and another experiencing it. The testimonials should make the audience experience the event.

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  1. Define the Event’s Value Proposition

This part of the event’s organization has to deal with the most basic marketing concern, the value proposition. What will the targeted potential attendees gain from the event? You need to define this key aspect as seriously as possible and communicate it to the attendees as well. Being unable to do that means the event content must be better organized and articulated. The clearer the benefits of the event are, the higher is the possibility of your registrants attending.

  1. Promote your Event

Another profound way to boost your marketing event is through generating buzz and awareness around it. Considering your business has a strong social media activity you should make use of that to further advance your event. You could as well practice email marketing or other BTL marketing methods such as flyers, leaflets and posters. The right combination of both traditional and online marketing is most wished for. Also, in order to make your attendees countable, request RSVPs by them and remind them about the event a few days prior to it through email, social media, or SMS message.

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  1. Make Collaborations and secure Sponsorships

If the event’s goal is to attract lots of people and create a large social impact, securing sponsorships and making collaborations is a very significant step in that process. In order to make the sponsorship come to life and reach out to sponsors you’ll need to offer something really reliable and rewarding .That means the offer itself has to look as attractive as possible. Always focus on metrics to support the rewarding aspects of the event would be really interesting and convincing.

  1. Use the Event as a Source of Content

Apart from the actual experience taking place, the event is also a source of original content. You can creatively produce content before, during and after the event. You can create live streaming through Facebook that leads to the event, reporting at the same time in a way the powerful moments of the event.  That way you might give the opportunity to people to participate virtually. Also, you can use content and non promotional marketing after the event by creating blog posts, forming communities or telling stories. Use every possibility for publicity the event gives you. Through content there are numerous opportunities.

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  1. Evaluate your Event

After the event is over what makes most sense is examining what went as wished for and what didn’t. That is quite obvious and most would do it, but what needed is not simple notes or just a conversation about it, but a thorough, detailed evaluation that relies on metrics and KPIs. Did the event achieve the goals set? Did it leave the attendees satisfied? Through this information, future business events will be more evolved with an improved strategy. In case the event leaves the attendees satisfied and that fact is publicized, your business is more likely to get popularity by the media and the press.

No matter how difficult and demanding it is, event marketing is what lifts a marketing campaign. Human interaction is stronger than anything else. Social media and TV advertising cannot give what the experience of a big social happening gives. It doesn’t matter if you are a social person yourself or If you like taking part in events.

Do these 8 steps carefully and you’ll see your campaign grow far bigger. The next time, organizing an event will be much easier through knowledge and experience gained.

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