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The Top Social Media Content Trends For 2020

Date Created: 10/10/2019

The Top Social Media Content Trends For 2020

Today’s social media are continuously adaptive. They keep on going while bringing some new cultural and material creation to people. Through making use of social media content trends one can become successful when it comes to new ideas and conditions.

To make things more tangible, content marketing, paid advertising through social media, influencer marketing, chat bots and of course live videos are all innovations because of utilization of social media content trends.

One Team lists for you the most notable social media content trends for 2020 letting you know how you can further use social media and make your business, page or account evolve.

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  1. Approach people interested in the area of your operation

By reaching the right people not only will one save budget, but will also put on much less effort and time. Nowadays people seek whatever they might want from those they know they can truly rely on. Most consumers would rather not have some company or brand bothering them about something new and unknown. Today’s marketing funnel is not very welcoming to someone not immediately profitable.

  1. Customer success is crucial in lifting word-of-mouth marketing

Today’s businesses need customers to get maximum value from their purchases or at least make them believe they’re getting maximum value. That can be obtained through giving the customer a lot of attention or care, or by doing content marketing and indirectly engaging with them. At the same time, content marketing can help convince as to why a product is useful or how it achieved that usefulness creating customer success in the consumer’s mind.

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  1. Location-specific marketing helps engagement with audiences

In order to attract both new and already existing customers brands are practicing location-based marketing more and more these days. There are some tactics that makes all this work better. Brands have to comprehend those tactics and organize different steps to make location-based marketing work better and stand out from the other brands. Things work better when they are designed and formed specifically for something. Apart from that, this type of marketing might need some attention as consumers differ depending on the location and there could also be some privacy issues.

  1. User’s activity is essential in order to understand what you want from them

To stand out from other competitive marketers one needs to be able to make the most out of every bit of detail. User’s activities information points out a lot of key elements and details for people working in the marketing and communication industry. By tracking someone’s activities one can know how much time a user spends on a specific page, pages the user visited before or after the landing page and what the user eventually purchased. With all that in mind, one can create many different strategic steps in order to approach a consumer more effectively and also make assessment of already existing strategic steps. These are all valid and reliable tracking methods that make a marketer’s life easier.

  1. Ephemeral content disappears after a certain period

Something extremely decisive for the endurance of the popularity of a social media platform is the short time appearance and disappearance of content. It obviously makes sense that good and interesting temporary content can endure the traffic of a social media platform. In order to retain success, consistent work and effort is required within the content. Marketers need to make viewers want to engage with something directly or indirectly related to the content  by responding in whatever way and helping content become viral, or by also making an instant decision by purchasing or signing up for something.

  1. Product discovery via social media

Through social media it is becoming easier and easier for businesses to promote whatever they want. Apart from already known products one can find out about new or unknown products out there. Social media is already essential for the discovery of a product during the purchasing process for consumers. Also, businesses can improve their social strategy towards new comers by doing content marketing and portraying themselves positively.  

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  1. Video continues to grow

Video and social media are almost synonymous sometimes. The growth of most social media platforms has greatly relied on capturing real life situations. It is one thing reading something and another, far stronger watching it. Because of its rise in popularity and influence, video needs to stay at the top of the latest advances and assessments when a content marketing strategy is considered.

  1. AR and VR adoption

Another way to make something tangible, experiential and engaging is through Virtual Reality. Marketers can personalize and target people more effectively in order to have an impact on more demanding and savvy consumers through interactive and personal experiences. Virtual Reality can be a very influential and easily obtainable instrument. When the goal is to introduce something new to potential customers, there is no better way than that. They don’t need to guess or imagine what the product is going to be like.

  1. Influencer marketing

Influencers are extremely useful when it comes to raising awareness, generating leads and creating brand advocates. Most marketers today agree that this type of marketing helps generate traffic and popularity, raising also the possibility of purchasing. An influencer’s opinion feels more reliable than a friend’s or a reviewer’s. Influencer marketing is better compared to the other sources when it comes to conversion. When it comes to traffic that has been caused by an Influencer, the likelihood of users landing on a site with the intent to purchase is stronger.

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