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Top 5 Remote Work Tools

Date Created: 9/04/2020

Using our house as a workplace can’t be seen as something luxurious these days. Whether it’s a matter of choice or a matter of staying healthy to respond to a virus that has become viral, different businesses from all over the world need to make use of some flexible tools to remain in the game and keep being effective.


Some companies are already familiar with some technological tools that are there to help employees and clients or customers work it out. In their case, leaving their workplace wouldn’t feel as sad as saying goodbye to loved ones.


However, it’s normal that for most businesses out there it’s going to be much harder to complete regular tasks while being quarantined. So, we found it very useful to make a list of a few essential tools that can help retain simplicity for day-to-day tasks.


The following digital services can help in some way.


  1. Slack

Slack is an easy-to-use chat management application for all types of devices. Through it, one can share files, communicate, bookmark messages, drag and drop images and so on. It’s a lot similar to Facebook’s Messenger but much more well-suited for work. Since you can create teams for different departments too, going back and forth through emails surely looks much more outdated compared to this.

For team members that distance tears apart, Slack can serve as a virtual water cooler, letting team members use energy correctly and efficiently. It’s like a hub where they can gather for both professional and team-enhancing purposes.


  1. Zoom

Another communication tool that is tailor-made for business, Zoom is like a Swiss army knife of interaction through video. It combines HD video with other useful features such as content sharing, screen sharing, and local recording. A complete, thorough communicative process is in hand when you insert this into everyday work.


Zoom is better than most other similar tools at enhancing collaboration during meetings. It offers several ways for participants to share thoughts and ideas. It’s also pretty simple, given the fact that visitors need to do nothing but join a conversation; all the rest can be organized by the host.


  1. Front

Front is a tool specifically crafted for solving common problems. It helps employees stay on the same page by bringing a combination of help desk tickets with internal emails, messages, and apps. Things that way are more concentrated and therefore can be much better understood for doing customer service.


With meaningful information about clients or customers easily available, employees don’t need to stay busy with less important stuff and limit their focus on more crucial conversations.


  1. Intercom

By unifying information in a dashboard, Intercom can help you keep track of every customer interaction. It’s a messaging app that enables companies to connect with their customers, with managers having the ability to set assignments as well. Intercom can be combined with many other tools, allowing remote employees to assess client engagement as a united team.


If the people that you work with are in multiple different locations, assigning and following up on tasks can be tough. All members can benefit from some digital tool’s help to keep track of things. So, by not making use of a specialized service’s help, there’s this constant risk of going in circles and missing deadlines.


  1. Trello

Trello is there to let your entire team create, design, schedule and assign tasks in an uncomplicated visual interface. You can create cards for every task, and sort them based on department, assignee or client. As each task progresses, users can slide different cards from one category to another. Trello is effective for letting people that work stay informed on all stages of specific tasks in a way more tangible and more user friendly than emails or memos.


As OneTeam, we use many different digital tools for all kinds of interactive and personal tasks. We always try to make team meetings valuable by sharing insights and thoughts. We see tools as an opportunity to make sure everyone is on the same page. 

Those listed above will give a good head start, but it always comes down to using every single feature they provide most effectively.

Seeing how helpful they can be, we also encourage our clients to give them a shot.


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