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An Introduction to Media Monitoring

September 28, 2020
Can anyone live without being able to memorize information and make decisions based on them?

Enhancing Community Relations

September 11, 2020
When it comes to public relations (PR), broad publicity surely matters a lot.

Planning a Digital Event During Coronavirus

July 30, 2020
Coronavirus has undoubtedly brought a big change in our lives. Every single day people need to be careful and do everything they can to stop the spread.

In Marketing, a Good Design May Matter Even More than You Think

July 30, 2020
Sometimes, impressions can be more impactful than rational facts or deeper meanings.

6 Tips for Effective Crisis Management

July 17, 2020
Ups and downs in the business world are the norm. And, as unfortunate as it may be, those downs draw more attention than the ups. Any kind of attention could potentially be handled and sometimes through a crisis management plan an event could be turned into an opportunity.

A Strategy for Enhanced Media Relations

July 10, 2020
Creativity and hard work are two traits In communication that only lead half the way towards success when relations with media are not strong enough.

How to Use Social Media for a Political Campaign

June 25, 2020
It may not sound reasonable, but social media and politics can work together even though that the latter may seem like a much more serious process than the former. Of course, engaging people is basically what politics is about, even though the term engagement is relatively recent.

How to Choose Influencers

June 16, 2020
Influencers are communicators recruited by companies to advertise products to their fans and followers on their platforms.

The 5 Brand Personality Types

May 26, 2020
There are a few key ingredients that determine the way with which brands form their personalities.

COVID-19: Back to the Workplace

May 26, 2020
Every company should concern about the health of their employees, while special attention should be paid to those who belong to the high-risk category.

WED: 7 Ways to Do Your Own Part

May 26, 2020
World Environment Day (WED), means extra motivation and further opportunities to take action on a truly important issue, not only for those who love trees, rivers, mountains, the sun and nature in general, but also for all others who are rightfully too busy with their interests or their problems.

13 Simple Practices that Will Make your Presentations Too Good to Forget

May 18, 2020
Unless you run a grocery store in Honolulu, Hawaii or you’re a lonely farmer in the region of Dagestan, Russia, or, to make it clearer, if you’re living a situation which is unaffected by the rest of the world; you need to be able to give good presentations.

A Comprehensive CSR Program Guide

May 15, 2020
Many business executives view CSR as just a part of their company’s responsibility. They see it as a must-do aspect of business rather than an opportunity. Having such an approach means recycling plastic, funding poor people, or treating their workforce well at times would be enough to put a tick on their checklist.

Stay Immune To Coronavirus

April 13, 2020
With coronavirus being in the spotlight for a good reason, people are continuously trying to find ways to keep themselves and those that they love safe.

7 Fun & Creative Things To Do When You Are Bored At Home

April 13, 2020
It’s natural if you or anyone else who’s living inside your house says “I’m bored” during this quarantine situation.


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