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Strategic Communications

Our team works with interested parties (companies, organizations or NGOs) to identify their core strengths and codify their value propositions, thereby helping them embrace what’s most real and relevant about themselves and communicate those attributes, believably and persuasively, to receptive audiences. When done successfully, a brand becomes a truly authentic one.

What we do…

  • Examine the market/sector (offline & online environment) and produce useful insights
  • Place appropriate metrics (KPIs) & Identify insights within a strategic context
  • Identify strongest and weakest points, threats & opportunities to leverage
  • Review existing marketing plans priorities against strategic brand/company goals
  • Formulate or add to marketing strategies and create activities to conquer objectives
  • Recommend marketing communication tactics for BTL, TTL, OTL & possibly ATL needs
  • Combine or coordinate separate elements to create a harmonious interrelated whole
  • Use consistent messaging across multiple channels to generate awareness, shape customers’ perceptions and ultimately drive sales/attention towards the goals set

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