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Digital Marketing

At OneTeam we understand that your company’s success in today’s ‘phygital’ world requires a deep understanding of your values and offerings concerning your tech-savvy customers’ interests and needs. We are here to design the strategic framework of your digital communications, craft righteous stories and produce high-quality content to attract and engage your audiences for creating buzz and boosting sales.

What we do…

  • Consulting on Strategy & Optimization – Examine analytics & validate key parts
  • Map out suggested changes and improvements on the existing digital outreach plan
  • Define & set-up digital KPI’s
  • Create, Develop & Use genuine content (stories, photos, newsletters, emails & templates)
  • Create online communities & develop Key Influencers (ambassadors & advocates)
  • Apps concept, design & development
  • Social media advertising, contests, promotions & analytics
  • Monitor & Report online strategies & tactics using platform capabilities, Return Path and GA (performance analytics) using sentimental analysis & evaluation of volume per site type, KPI & author
  • Crisis Alerts
  • Hub & Spoke – OneTeam helps you find, build and convert the audiences you need to address, into live power tools, acting as your company’s / brand’s ambassadors & advocates. This, in essence, is our Hub & Spoke PR Strategy!

Don’t hesitate to ask us for more information on our win-win methodologies.


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