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Internal Communications & Training

OneTeam believes that for our messages to get successfully to the external audiences, we first need to speak directly to our internal audiences, and train them in advance on how to handle possible change. This is why we need to engage internal stakeholders, enhance their ability to achieve corporate goals and strategies and allow them the ground to flourish through interactive communication, training & support.

What we do…

  • Agree on the IC objectives and design the messages needed to reach the audience
  • Improve the effectiveness of the organization through the dissemination of information and the development of connections (business & personal)
  • Design IC activations & tactics to keep everyone informed on what’s going on
  • Respond quickly and efficiently to questions, issues, emergencies, etc.
  • Make problem-solving easier by allowing expression of different ideas & opinions
  • Create a climate of openness & collegiality within the organization
  • Design internal events & activities to increase morale, connect coworkers and promote solidarity, showcase teamwork and create bonds between employees

We have created and successfully implemented the Video-based Interactive Training (VIT) methodology to obtain a high degree of personnel interest and involvement, based on video- shooting of real business-operation incidents and video projection, dialogue with the participants, comments, Q&As, and practical examples for several issues, such as – Customer Service, Team Work, Health & Safety, Public Speaking, Interview Skills, etc.

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