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Sustainability & ESG

It is nowadays a reality, more than ever: a vastly increasing number of Businesses adopt, as part of their policy, best practices aiming to contribute to the global plan for a sustainable planet. Many businesses materialize isolated social and environmental activities, without considering the added value they would have in case enfolded in a total Strategy & Communication Plan based on responsible entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial activity within the context of sustainable development prioritizes on contribution towards employees, their families, local communities, society as a whole and, of course, environmental protection.

A collaboration between OneTeam and the University of Piraeus’ “Bio Economy, Circular Economy and Sustainable Development” Lab has led to the creation of a pioneer program which uses various practices to boost responsible action of corporations and institutions. The aim is for those interested to understand and implement the basic principles of Sustainability, through a series of steps. In that way they will contribute to addressing social and environmental issues, which seriously concern a number of companies globally. In light of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, such realistically designed steps enhance companies’ potential to immediately adjust to new trends, be more competitive, broaden their employees’ knowledge and skillset, as well as increase their profits on the long term.

Key Services:

  • Sustainability Assessment (including End to end System that automates sustainability data collection and management. It covers all ESG initiatives across business units, combines financial data and automatically generates the required reports).
  • Sustainability Strategic Planning
  • Employee education on Sustainable Practices
  • Sustainability Monitoring Services
  • ESG Reporting & Communication Plan
  • Corporate Citizenship 360ο Consulting

The “Bio-economy, Circular Economy and Sustainable Development” Lab of the University of Piraeus can undoubtedly offer top level information and specialized training on global trends, ESG index compliance and Sustainability. On the other hand, having successfully planned and launched 360⁰ communication campaigns for Greek Companies, Multinational Corporations and Public Institutions, OneTeam disposes both expertise and human resources to highlight responsible entrepreneurship.


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