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A result-driven partnership

At OneTeam, we pay great importance to the development of innovative ideas and the implementation of new technologies in our services. 

By using a sophisticated and efficient platform for Data Gathering, Storing & Management as a key tool, we have created an original sustainable development program, focusing on ESG values. 

The integrated platform is a complete software system which, among other things 

  • automates all processes and workflows 
  • is based on all international standards (TCFD, GRI, CDP) and national practices (ATHEX-ESG) 
  • features rich reporting (dashboards, KPIs, indicators/ online – in real time) 

Through the program, we are able to provide essential knowledge, digital tools, targeted training, and quality services on ESG issues. 

Our main goal is the creation of strategic plans that support businesses on their path into modern reality, the nuance of circular economy and the fight against climate crisis, so that they remain sustainable and competitive in a demanding world, while complying with the European Union’s Directives. 

The need for sustainability

Today, the application of ESG criteria in business operations is a necessity, not only because it is established through directives and initiatives of the European Union, such as the Green Agreement, the EU Taxonomy and the Agenda30 of the United Nations, but also due to the threats affecting our environment, our society, and our economy.

It is vital for businesses to effectively and sustainably address the current social, economic, and environmental issues, both externally and internally.

Businesses that adopt sustainable practices

  • strengthen their competitiveness
  • improve their reputation
  • increase their added value
  • save energy and resources
  • form a climate of safety and trust for their employees, as well as towards the institutions and the public

At OneTeam, we consider ESG values an integral part of our identity. We place them at the center of our decisions and activities, as a core parameter for the development of a strong business strategy.

A program tailored to your needs

The specially designed ESG program is aimed at professionals and business executives who want to maximize the impact of their company and to gain specialized, up-to-date knowledge in the field.

Through our services, we strengthen the responsible action of private and public companies, regardless of size and object.

We understand their needs and formulate the appropriate strategic communication plan, based on ESG principles.

Program services

The services provided through our program are:

  • assessment of the existing situation
  • formulation of a strategic sustainability plan
  • training of interested parties (seminars)
  • consulting services
  • supervision of plan implementation/ Monitoring
  • drafting of annual report/ ESG Reporting

What makes the program stand out

Our specialized program is effective for a wide range of clients, as it is uniquely designed each time for the individual needs of each business. 

At OneTeam, experience meets technology. 

The state-of-the-art platform for Data Gathering, Storing & Management combined with our experience in strategic communication and ESG matters are competitive advantages of our program. 



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